Our mission is to facilitate the digital transformation of the life sciences industry.

At the time of a new industrial revolution, we are convinced that if factories must become smart and connected, the men and women remain the beating heart of production activities. To achieve this transformation for all and by all, it is necessary to rethink human-machine-data interactions.

By leveraging intuitive 3D digital twin technologies, we empower the biopharmaceutical workforce to easily access data and optimize bioproduction processes from planning and simulation, to operators' learning experiences and asset management.

Easily access
your factory information

A factory digital twin is a virtual copy of a factory and its processes. To democratize information and simplify access to data, it is key to make this technology as intuitive, user-friendly and visual as ever, just like any smart application we use in our daily lives.

With this in mind, we created HakoBio, an intuitive 3D platform to easily create and exploit your factory digital twin and simulate your production process across the entire factory life cycle:

1. Visual Process Planning & Simulation
Avoid costly construction errors, speed up the decision-making process and optimize your bioproduction ergonomics by planning and simulating your process flows and configurations.

2. Immersive Learning & Augmented Instructions
Anticipate operators' entry and reduce errors in production areas by immersing them in customized learning experiences in VR and augmenting them with on-the-go information in MR.

3. Interactive Asset Management
Simplify access to real-time data to empower operators on the process with centralized information and insights through a single intuitive visual interface.

How we can work together

We put forward a combination of bioengineers, designers and developers to accompany you, each bringing their own expertise to the table.

By putting your business objectives and end-user needs first, we proceed in a human-centric and incremental approach to adapt the ready-to-use HakoBio platform with the right tools.

With a turnkey solution in hand, open to integrate any other solution, HakoBio is easily implemented so you can access 600+ equipment of various references to create and exploit your factory digital twin. 

Get inspired by our case studies here below to kick-off your digital transformation with HakoBio! 

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