Your Factory's Digital Twin. In the Palm of your Hands.

We are OUAT! - pronounced WHAT. We help companies in the life sciences industry in their digital transformation from process planning and operations to training, monitoring and maintenance. It means we work in close collaboration with our clients to reinvent their activities, processes and business model through the creation and exploitation of their production process digital twin, within our virtual simulation platform - HakoBio.

With a simple and intuitive interface, assisted by virtual and mixed reality technologies, HakoBio empowers your workforce, engages your customers, optimizes your operations and transforms your offering, to adapt to an everchanging digital world.

Our story

Our story began when Nicolas Vertommen and Matthieu Egloff who had worked for ten years in the biotechnology industry, decided to support industry innovations. Focused on the concept of digital transformation, they always wanted to reinvent the way organizations perceive it and adapt their offerings to the concept.

So we launched our proprietary product, HakoBio, to simplify the creation of manufacturing processes and empower the industry to manage and exploit the digital twin of their productions with one turnkey solution, from planning all the way to maintenance, coupled with virtual and augmented reality.

Our main focus is overcoming your organization’s specific needs. It means that our UX and scientific experts work alongside you to understand your needs, and customize our solutions to help you overcome your challenges.

Driven by an insatiable thirst for innovation, we are firm believers that the digital transformation will enable access to information and pave the road to your smart factory 4.0

How we can work together

We work with innovative healthcare leaders committed to being the pioneers of today towards the industry of the future. 

We dedicate ourselves to a partnership process that reflects keen insights true to your organization:

It starts with a focus on your needs and challenges

By understanding your specific challenges, we create dedicated intuitive experiences and solutions that simplify your processes through every step of your production chain.

A vision-driven user requirement system is key

We imagine simple user experiences from the most advanced digital technologies to engage your customers, optimize your operations and empower your workforce.

The prototype

Because a human-to-human approach is all about mutual learning and building a connection. For an optimal experience we need to create the user experience that will be the best fit for your organization.

The final experience

We deliver the final solution, then scale-up to your entire organization. Welcome to your digital transformation. 


Our Clients